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Dear visitor

First of all, I would like to express that I am very happy that you took your time to visit me.   With this site, it is  my purpose that the information combined with the sound & video examples, can give you a realistic overview of who I am and what I love to play and performe.  It is my hope that it can be relevant and informativ for you.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if something calls for more information and for sure also  if you need a clarinet/performer in your project.

Your sincerely

Fritz Gerhard Berthelsen


Everybody who have seen “Jaws” know exactly what an increasing haunting Bassclarinet deep voice means. But Bassclarinet is also the music instrument with the most beautiful sound…..”Probably!”

With the Bassclarinet, I have until now first performed a great number of compositions, often dedicated to me by the composer. Unfortunately there do not exist many classical pieces for Bassclarinet, but I love to steal and play solo pieces from especially the great and wonderful Cello repertoire.


The lyricist and at the same time the fast flippant uncle.

People said about Louis Armstrong that “he is not playing cornet on that horn, he is imitating the clarinet”.

You can do all with your clarinet if you just want to do it enough. And bye the way, this instrument can be tracked the whole way back to the 40.000 year old boneflute.

The clarinet of today, can be recognized as the one who often has both the mystical and the magical roles in the context of other instruments or on stage in the Theater.


A concert is nice…. a visual performance is also nice

It is often obvious to take a step further in the development of performances and work with a visual and narrative expression in interaction with the music.

I am convinced – with all the existing digital possibilities for interaction between different arts and also between instrumentalist and computer – working with visuals, in a music concert production, can lift the musical expression into a new era.